1st Year Highlights

In the first year, the collaboration delivered high-quality professional development, revised curricula, and provided outreach activities that raised professional and public awareness of the need for social justice. A highlight of Year One was increased levels of preparedness among teacher candidates and current educators in understanding and applying Facing History and Ourselves’ methodology. Overall, participants reported high levels of satisfaction with the quality and relevance of the professional development and resources delivered through the collaboration, advancing the initiative’s goal of impacting classroom teaching practice.


DePaul alumni and other Chicago-area educators gathered for the three-day Summer Institute facilitated by civil rights pioneer, Carlotta Walls LaNier. LaNier shares her story of desegregating Little Rock High School as the youngest member of the (1957) Little Rock Nine.


By the end of 2011, Facing History and Ourselves methodology was integrated as a pilot into two sections of the secondary social science methods course.

In early 2012, the implementation phase began and FHAO methodology was integrated into the secondary social science methods course.

By the spring of 2012, faculty leaders co-presented principles of the collaboration to College of Education faculty and instructors. More in-depth work with these COE faculty ensued.

The first evening seminar for pre-service educators titled, “Confronting the Bully: Creating a Safe and Engaging Classroom,” was conducted with 17 participants.


COE faculty member Frank Tavano implements social justice education methodologies in his class as part of the DePaul University-Facing History and Ourselves Collaboration pilot.

In summer 2012, curriculum meetings began with elementary program directors to plan incorporation of Facing History and Ourselves principles into elementary curriculum and courses for academic year 2012-13.

DePaul University faculty and Facing History and Ourselves experts presented the first inaugural Summer Institute, titled “Teaching about Race, Difference and Membership: Little Rock 1957″. Inaugural evening presentation titled “Lessons from Little Rock: An Evening with Civil Rights Pioneer Carlotta Walls LaNier” (member of the Little Rock Nine) delivered to 71 members of the DePaul University, Facing History and Ourselves, and Lincoln Park communities.

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