Feedback From Pre-service Teacher Education Classes

Course presentations in pre-service teacher education classes have helped teacher candidates consider their roles as teachers, gain new teaching strategies, and re-imagine ways of teaching challenging issues. The following student comments illustrate the ways these course presentations have impacted their thinking and practice.

I really enjoyed the identity activity. It was interesting to see the how each person had different aspects of their identities that were significant to them. It made me realize how important it is for teachers to take into account that students are very different and they see themselves in different ways.
-TCH 320, Exploring Teaching in the Urban High School, Winter 2014

It made me aware that historical facts are not restricted only to history class. Implicitly, we all will be history teachers in order for the next generations not to experience the cruelty that happened in the past.
-TL 425, Introduction to Secondary Education, Winter 2014

I want to teach my students to be human; to be compassionate and respectful. Teach them to do good.
-EE 281, Introduction to Elementary Education, Fall 2013

I really like the ideas that I am going to walk away with. I like that I can teach units that are hard to teach and talk about in a way that is helpful for the students as well as me as an individual. It showed me that I can teach students to be tolerant in more ways than I currently know, and it gave me confidence in actually going out and doing it.
-EE 326, Literacy in the Middle Grades, Fall 2013


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