Impact of Summer Institute 2013, on Immigration: Shaping Teachers’ Practice

Participants have incorporated what they learned from the Summer Institute in important ways in their current teaching practice. Howard Stanley, a teacher at St. Matthias school, for example, explained how the Summer Institute 2013 impacted his teaching.

I used a great deal of the information from the summer institute with my 7th graders in a unit on immigration. It has been the best unit that I have taught thus far without question.

It turned out to be a 13 week unit on the ‘history” of immigration from the early colonists to the current debate on immigration reform, with the culminating activity being a debate on the need for immigration reform and what to do with those in the shadows. We started off doing two papers on each student’s family history and then they compared their history to one of their classmates…

I used a large portion of the materials from the Summer Institute. These resources led to some fantastic classroom discussions and written reflections.

… having such wonderful and powerful materials from DePaul and Facing History really allowed me to capture the students’ attention and interest right from the start. The materials are so varied that you are hitting the issue from multiple perspectives and with multiple approaches. I cannot wait to teach the unit next year!
–Howard Stanley, Summer Institute Participant 2013, Teacher at St. Matthias School


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