Summer Institute 2015: Holocaust and Human Behavior

This summer, The DePaul University and Facing History and Ourselves Collaboration led 32 in-service teachers through a three-day professional development seminar that focused on the history of the Holocaust and how it relates to teaching students about multiple perspectives, civic engagement, and resilience.  Educators from all levels and curriculum areas were grateful to discover interdisciplinary teaching strategies to use in their classrooms that pieced together history, literacy, and critical thinking skills. Summer Institute 2015 provided useful classroom teaching techniques that show students how learning about the Holocaust and its impact on human behavior can help them make a difference in the world today.

Read the following quotes to see how the Summer Institute 2015 has positively impacted in-service teachers.

I have learned so much, so much takeaway. As a school counselor, I am so happy that I participated in this PD to allow me to reflect and dig deeper [with] how to support my students with their future.

I think the triangle of intellectual rigor, ethical reflection, and emotional reaction is so powerful for myself as both a teacher and a learner. It is something I want to carry into my own classroom.

This has been one of the most useful PD, not only about the Holocaust, but also how to set students to think about their role in society.

I am so glad I came. This institute reawakened my passion for learning and reminded me why I became a teacher.


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