Evening Seminar 2016

What are the causes of the inequalities in our education system today? How can today’s educators address discrimination and the achievement gap in their classrooms?

The DePaul University and Facing History and Ourselves Collaboration had the Evening Seminar, “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: How history informs equitable education for all students”.  The seminar presented research from the University of Chicago’s current Potholes Report, which examines obstacles students encounter on their pathways to college. The Evening Seminar helped in shedding light on the difficult issues raised in the report and created a forum for an open dialogue about how institutionalized practices influence the equity of education for all students.

The Evening Seminar took a place on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 6:00 pm in Schmitt Academic Center. This timely event presented information and provided a forum for discussion to help teachers, counselors and educational leaders become cognizant of the problems education currently faces to be able to better address issues of inequity in their professional positions. In-service educators, current students and faculty in DePaul’s College of Education programs attended the seminar, which offered qualifying educators two CPDU’s for their attendance.

Please see the flyer for more information.