Event: Summer Institute 2017

Summer Institute, June 26-28, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
“Ordering America: How the Progressive Era and the Eugenics Movement Shaped Our Society”

The Collaboration’s Summer Institute offers professional development to educational professionals and welcomes college of education faculty members who are participating in the Symposium.

This year, the focus was on one of Facing History’s core topics: the Eugenics Movement. In our Summer Institute, participants gained important insight into a time in the early 1900s when many people believed that some “races,” classes, and individuals were superior to others. During this time, many Americans used a new branch of scientific inquiry known as eugenics to justify their prejudices and advocate for programs and policies aimed at solving the nation’s problems by ridding society of “inferior racial traits.” By studying this era, participants gained a deeper understanding of how prejudices and other preconceived notions can distort scientific inquiry, the dangers of resolving complex problems by dividing the world into us and them, and how eugenics continues to shape our society today. Participants also learned pedagogical approaches for building safe and engaging classrooms and school communities.

The Institute provided 21 hours of professional development.

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