Summer Institute 2016: The Reconstruction Era and the Meaning of Democracy

This summer, The DePaul University and Facing History and Ourselves Collaboration led 41 in-service teachers through a three-day professional development seminar that focused on the Reconstruction Era and the Meaning of Democracy.

Educators from all levels and curriculum areas were grateful to discover interdisciplinary teaching strategies to use in their classrooms that pieced together history, literacy, and critical thinking skills. Participants also learned pedagogical approaches for building safe and engaging classrooms and school communities.


Read the following quotes to see how the Summer Institute 2016 has positively impacted in-service teachers.

It was so gratifying to be a student and re-enter the k-12 mind space. The context was rich, the speakers were sharp and engaging, and the methods were appropriately varied.


This is a fantastic opportunity to go deep with a historical chapter, learn the facing history scope and sequence, and network with other educators.


Profoundly impacted my personal understanding of a critical time in history and how I can continue to think about how choices are not inevitable.


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