I hope that other colleges and universities across America look to the Collaboration and see the power of training hundreds and hundreds of teachers so that they can impact the lives of thousands and thousands of high school and elementary students. It will make an enormous difference in the communities we live in.
-Jack Greenberg, DePaul Alumnus and Trustee

The DePaul University College of Education and Facing History and Ourselves Collaboration help educators develop tools for working toward social justice through the following goals:

  • Enhancing COE curricula
  • Providing professional development for COE alumnae, in-service teachers, and faculty
  • Building awareness of the collaboration’s mission
  • Furthering COE faculty expertise through incorporating  effective teaching strategies, best practices and/or pedagogy, and resources

Through this collaboration, the two institutions have come together to raise awareness among educators and the public about the need to teach for social justice while also providing educators with concrete tools for addressing complex social issues while fostering safe and inclusive classrooms. In doing so, the Collaboration promotes the development of a more humane and informed citizenry and a more socially just society.