The DePaul University and Facing History and Ourselves Collaboration holds various types of events for our overlapping audiences.

Summer Institutes

The Summer Institute is a three-day professional development seminar held each summer on DePaul’s campus. Each Institute focuses on a contemporary issue with historical roots that impacts today’s schools. Topics include the desegregation of the United States’s schools and the creation of education settings welcoming to immigrant children.

The Summer Institute provides professional development that helps education professionals improve their content knowledge and professional educational practice. The Institute also connects participants to the resources of DePaul University’s College of Education and Facing History and Ourselves while giving education professionals an opportunity to network with each other.

The Institutes are designed to benefit people working in elementary and secondary settings. In-service teachers and other education professionals, including administrators and counselors, may attend. 

Evening Speaker Events

A nationally known speaker, connected to the Summer Institute, makes a presentation about social justice-related issues in education.

These events help education professionals improve their knowledge and raise awareness in the community about the importance of social justice in education. The evening speaker events of the Collaboration are free and open to the public.

Evening speaker events are designed for the DePaul community and external community.

Evening Seminars

Evening seminars are two-hour presentations developed by Facing History staff in conjunction with DePaul faculty. They focus on timely issues that impact teachers, other education professionals, and students. Topics include bullying and the creation of safe and inclusive classrooms.

The seminars are geared toward helping students understand and find solutions to difficult problems that confront today’s educators. These seminars expand students’ thinking about their future occupations, present them with real world scenarios, and provide methods for dealing with difficult problems they must confront.

Evening seminars are designed for current students in DePaul College of Education programs.

Faculty Professional Development Activities

Faculty professional development activities help make tenured, tenure track, and adjunct DePaul College of Education faculty aware of the DePaul University and Facing History and Ourselves Collaboration. More, they help faculty understand the methodologies that Facing History brings to the classroom and provide opportunities to brainstorm how they and their students can become more involved with the Collaboration.

All faculty who have worked with the Facing History Collaboration have recognized the added value the program brings to their students.

Faculty professional development is for all faculty in the DePaul’s College of Education.


The Symposium brings together faculty from colleges of education to examine issues related to social justice in education today. It takes the form of scholarly talks, roundtable discussions and presentations by scholars.

After participating in the Summer Institute, college of education faculty join their colleagues from other universities in the Symposium where they will analyze what they learned and discuss different models for infusing this content and pedagogy into colleges of education. We anticipate that as the Symposium grows, participating colleges will develop relationships with Facing History and continue to learn from each other.

The Collaboration’s summer symposia are for DePaul College of Education faculty and college of education faculty from other universities.

Professional Development Seminars

The FHAO professional development seminars give DePaul College of Education faculty the opportunity participate in a Facing History seminar so they can learn at a deeper level about the organization’s content and methodologies.

Facing History and Ourselves is a worldwide provider of social justice-infused professional development for teachers and other education professionals. The College of Education’s collaboration with them is a unique venture and participating in a FHAO seminar will improve professors and give them a better idea of what Facing History can bring to their classrooms.

The Collaboration’s Facing History seminars are for all DePaul College of Education faculty.

Course Presentations

A crucial component of the DePaul University and Facing History and Ourselves collaboration is the impact that it will have to the College of Education’s curriculum. COE students will have the opportunity to learn FHAO methodologies and work with their content at multiple points in the elementary, secondary, and education leadership programs. The Collaboration’s directors hope to work with more programs in the future.

FHAO has demonstrated its ability to add value to COE programs. The goals of the two organizations are similar, so FHAO presentations complement what faculty already do. Students report that Facing History and Ourselves presentations help them think more expansively about their role in the classroom and at the school level, on such topics as building an inclusive classrooms and communities and addressing bullying.

Presently, faculty and students in Elementary, Secondary, and Education Leadership programs are impacted by Collaboration content in the curriculum. Faculty in other College of Education programs have hosted Facing History presentations in their classes with valued results. Permanent curriculum touch points in other programs are being explored by the Collaboration.